Your accommodation between the Eurovelo 6 and the river Danube!

Dunavski Plićak is a place to contemplate  and also enjoy other exciting local activities.

We rent SUP, bicycles and we organise fishing tours with local fisherman. Contact us for more information on this.


The rural area offers some activities, spinning around the Danube and the Eurovelo 6:

  1. City swimming resort Šljunkara, in summer you can refresh on the local beach, there is a small bar where you can fetch ice-cream & drinks. Located at 4,5 km from our guest house towards Kovin. GPS coordinates --- > N 44 43.900 | E 21 00.513
  2. Žarkovačka ada, the small natural island is a local beauty, enjoyed by few people, you can reach it from the guest house with the small boat in 10/15 minutes or with the kayaks, just 1,3 km away. GPS coordinates --- > N 44 43.389 | E 21 01.773
  3. Gajski dunavac i plaza, a small beach resort directly on the Danube, 6 km from the guest house, continuing on the dyke towards east, with straw umbrellas and a small restaurant. GPS coordinates --- > N 44 44.683 | E 21 06.825
  4. Deliblatska Peščara, one of the rare European deserts, a sandy area of 300 km², it is home to 900 different species of plants. 26 km North-east from our guest house, the southern entrance is right next to the village of Deliblato.                                        GPS coordinates --- > N 44 51.017 | E 21 05.550